The Slip Inn – Havelock South Island NZ 

Slip on in to the Slip Inn at Havelock for a tasty meal or simply to enjoy a coffee with friends.

On this particular occasion, we had a large group arrive within an hour of breakfast menu closing.  A quick query to the kitchen and there was no problem ordering from either breakfast or lunch menus.  Not a lot of dining venues would accomodate this, however there simply didn’t appear to be any issue at all.  Impressive in itself.

For those who are not aware, Havelock and surrounding Sounds areas are renown for  beautifully fresh green lipped mussels.  This mussel chowder was a popular choice at our table, and I’m told, a most enjoyable dish.

In keeping with the mussel theme, I trialled the mussel fritters. A most delicious dish, certainly full, juicy, tasty and nicely offset with the crunchy salad.  

Other meals included breakfast meals which were all well presented, fresh and tasty.

Given the standard of service, delicious meals, inviting venue all topped off with a stunning view across this country marina, you really should add this one to your must visit list while in the Marlborough area.

With a boat ramp located next to the outdoor seating, there would no doubt be plenty of free entertainment.  Anyone who has sat and watched a boat ramp will know exactly what I mean 😄.  Don’t miss a chance to Slip on Inn by, you won’t regret it!

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