Plaza Premium Lounge- Brisbane International Airport

Lounge access for any airline.  Now that was appealing, so we gave this new lounge a test run whilst we waited for our International flight to board.   Pre booked online, the $60 fee each was worth it for the time you spend waiting, after clearing customs and prior to boarding.  Each booking gives you up to five hours of lounge time, including food and beverage service.

Having only opened in May this year, the lounge is clean, comfortable, relaxing and inviting.  Choose from different seating areas, help yourself to the selection of hold and cold snacks, order a coffee or enjoy a wine with your meal.  There was also a menu with small meals available, from which Hubby tested a fish soup.

Pronounced as delicious, he thoroughly enjoyed the dish, which apparently paired well with his bourbon & coke!

Staff were polite, quietly clearing tables quickly after patrons were finished dishes as well as providing bar/barista services.  With a selection of wines, spirits and coffees available, anything ordered was quickly prepared and delivered to you.  Nothing was a problem.

I enjoyed mixing my own  snack combinations, with all the food tasty, and at the right temperature.  Refreshing too, to be able to sit comfortably and enjoy your choices, without the general hustle and bustle of airport life.

We are now members of this lounge group, which by the way was free to join.  Their lounges are located in many areas around the world which appealed as did the fact it does not matter which airline you are flying with.  Based on a point system, with discounts for members, you can eventually have free lounge access.

Personally, we will continue to book their lounges, as this test run experience proved a winner for us.  With work stations, charging points, clean toilet facilities, even a spa option (separate payment for these services), we felt this lounge well and truly catered to our needs.

Look forward to returning soon!

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