Aarth Cafe – Taigum

You may recall my previous blog for this cafe when it first opened.  

Since then, we have visited on many occasions over the past couple of years.  Set on the edge of the shops in this complex, we enjoy visiting here as it really doesn’t disappoint.

Clean, tidy, never anything less than great service (with a smile), very reasonable prices all team with quality food and presentation to ensure each experience is enjoyable.

Perhaps you’re after a simple breakfast?   Poached eggs, mushrooms and toast, for me a most enjoyable way to start the day.

One of Hubbys favourites is the crossiant.  There’s been a few of these ordered over the last couple of years!

Recommended to me by our friendly staff attendant on one occasion, I have now become a convert to the Calamari Chat as opposed to my usual Salt n Pepper calamari.  With the just the right amount of spiciness and flavour to tease the palette, without being overpowering, I really do enjoy this tantilising dish.

Perhaps you prefer burgers?  These are catered for as well on menus which give everyone plenty of choice, combining Insian with Australian cuisine.

Oozing with burger goodness, there has never been a disappointing burger presented to us.  Always they have been packed with delicious ingredients and enjoyed mosel by morsel as the are devoured by the receiver.

Remember to check the drinks menu too.  Juices, smoothies, crafted coffee…the choice range is excellent, yet not too much.  

We really do highly recommend a visit to this cafe/restaurant.  There are not many places where the value for money is excellent.   I’m impressed with how reasonable they have kept their prices over the last couple of years.  It’s nice to have somewhere to go for breakfast or lunch where you know you total spend for two won’t exceed much over $30-40 for a meal and drink or two each.    Don’t dorget dinner service some nights too!

We will keep dropping in, as we consider this place to be one of those ‘reliable fallbacks’.

Keep up the fantastic work, I know many people have visited based on our referrals and I’m sure many more will!

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