Skypoint Q1 – Seventy7 Cafe & Bar

At some point during life, you have no doubt been told, ” your head is in the clouds”.well up here it truely is.

77 floors up with vistas covering 360 degrees, accessed by a lift so quiet yet very fast.  Every window gives a totally different view.   Now do you feel like you really do have your head in the clouds?  Impossible not to, particularly when  you gaze down upon helicopters giving visitors a birds eye view of the stunning Gold Coast.  Yes I said down upon.  Right now you are higher than those rapidly rotating rotors, which may only be half as high as you are. 

Dizzy?  Maybe, however you still can’t help but peep out through the eyelids to wonder at the extensive moving canvas laid out for as far as the eye can see.  Here’s a little perspective for you.   How many floors of the high rise does this glass of sparkling cover?  Let’s just say a lot!

The total fascination of this place, will no doubt have you tempted to linger.   Why not grab a bite to eat, or enjoy a coffee or cool beverage, to give you the excuse to stay.   Dotted around this incredibly massively roomy floor area, are comfortable seating settings, as well  as a raised floor for the cafe/bar.    

My take on the menu on offer?  I would have to say impressed.   Simply because anything which yells tourist attraction is generally renown for overpriced average or below food.  Very pleasantly surprised to find a simple, yet effective, reasonably priced menu.

Check the ticket prices online, and keep in mind if you intend visiting more than once a year, you might be better with the annual membership which will give you another 10% off the menu prices.  

We decided to share the Sky Tea for two, which did seem very popular, and the Seafood Stand.  Between three people we found this more than sufficient!

Not one morsel disappointed.  Everything was beautifully fresh, well presented and extremely tasty.   Right down to the delightfully fresh sandwiches on the Tea for Two stand. 

  WOW !   I heard that as soon as you saw the enticing petite four selection on the top.   Delighted to confirm they were as tasty and delicious as they look.  

Seriously, drop by for a visit, you simply won’t be disappointed.  I’m looking forward to returning in the evening.  Can you imagine how spectacular sunset and/or sunrise is from this fabulous area?  Now imagine one of those summer Queensland storms rolling in….See you soon Q1!

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