South Burnett, South Queensland

Road tripping.  A fabulous way to explore both new and re-visited areas.   Recently we enjoyed a road trip to an area of Queensland I never before travelled to.   The beautiful South Burnett region in Southern  Queensland.   Blessed with two wine regions, the South Burnett and the Granite Belt, Southern Queensland is a fantastic area to visit and sample a large range of produce.

What better place to start than Taste, located in Kingaroy opposite the Woolworths shopping complex.  Spot the Taste sign out the front then head down the alley to a delightful little shop showcasing an overview of the produce in this area.  Cheeses, meats, olive oils and of course, the wine!   Just to name a few.   

After sampling the wine, select your choice of vino, and don’t forget the selection of cheeses to make your own mouthwatering cheese platter accompaniment.

Now if you’re short on time, this may be your only stop.  Should you however be here to enjoy the natural beauty offered by the South Burnett, then allow me tell you more!

How about a visit to Moffatdale Ridge Wines. A fabulous Tuscan style set up with an array of wines and liqueurs to keep most people’s interest.  

Step through the heavy wooden doors to an inviting, spacious cellar door.  Knowledgeable staff are more than happy to run you through the selection on offer.  Keep an eye out for the current year vintage…. You will understand what I mean once you visit ……

A large selection is up for tasting here.  You are most likely to find something to everyone’s liking.   If wine itself isn’t your thing, perhaps a few sips Turkish Delight liqueur will jumpstart your tastebuds!    Somewhat interesting is the Tuscan events held here.   I myself could definitely wile away some time on the generous balcony overlooking yet another of the areas fabulous views.   But, on this occasion, one must take one for the team so to speak, and continue on to the next venue.

And here it was, with rolling vistas for as far as the eye can see.  All just from visiting the friendly Crane Wines.   Yes you will leave the sealed road for the last kilometre or so, but trust me, it is well worth the drive.  Friendly personalised service, including being greeted and escorted to the cellar door by a very amiable dog, whose name I have forgotten.   

Quite an interesting little cellar door with plenty of interesting wares for you to browse through whilst clasping the wine tasting glass in hand.   Love the family, intimate feel, with the owners Bernie & Judy providing information, not just on their wines, but on the area as a whole.  Fantastic ambassadors with a passion for their region I feel.    Interesting note here, is this was the first winery to open its doors in the region.   

Stop here for a wile, drink in the pure beauty of natures canvas, from your chosen rustic table setting, whilst enjoying a wine or two with a platter.  An excellent way to unwind.  In fact if you find you are enjoying your time at Crane Wines, pick up a brochure and consider staying in one of their private, quiet little homes away from home.  

Again though time to move on.  Today it was heading back to the Dusty Hill Vineyard with the Irish pub onsite.   Obviously very popular, however the large area gives you plenty of choice in regards to sitting inside or out.   

Overlooking a pond fall of budding waterlillies, dotted with drifting ducks, geese and other wildlife, all ingredients for a very relaxing setting.    Our lunch today was interrupted by the loud honking of the geese below, who we could only assume were voicing their displeasure at an adjustment to feeding time.   To add to their concerns, the drake in front, appeared to be along for ride, hoping to score some of their feed.   

One goose took exception to his participation, trying vainly to chase him off.   The honking worked however, with a bartender arriving out the front clutching a bag of feed, which was distributed down by the pond.  Again this did not suit the geese who would have preferred instant food where they were.  Not keen on missing out though, the mismatched trio waddled their way after the bartender, demolishing the food he distributed.   Now the residents were placated, serenity was restored.

Order a Guiness at Prendergasts Irish Tavern, to go with your meal, or to simply enjoy.   Taste some of the Dusty Hill wine selection in the cellar door, also located within the complex.   Or, you may even choose coffee and cake, with a delectable selection of desserts and cakes on offer.

Hubby trialled this hearty bangers and mash meal, which went down a treat.   Ideal Guiness soaking food.

Our final stop today was the Clovely Estate Winery, where we were staying for the weekend.  How fabulous to have your own cellar door at the end of the lawn.  Check my previous Clovely Estate review for a glimpse of this wonderful venue.

Be sure to visit this friendly, inviting  and fabulously interesting area of Southern Queensland.   We are already planning to revisit!

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