Whisky Business

You hear the stories, repeatedly, but is it real?  Are the thick shakes to absolutely die for??  Well hubby thought so.  As for me, I have to admit to not being a fan of smoothies, juices, shakes, soft drinks or coffee.  Yep pretty .much a bit boring, green or herbal teas, water or wine is all I drink.  

However, on this occasion it seemed appropriate. to test run a shake.   Decision made to do this, then comes the choice of which one to choose.  Quite a selection!  

 My decision was made, let’s test run the Lemon Meringue.    The entire shake tasted like the lemon filling you would find in a lemon meringue pie.   Thick meringue topped with cream, finished the shake.  Very indulgent.   Unable to  finish this delicious tasting treat, hubby came valiantly to my rescue, taking one for the team, and finishing the remainder. Not a small feat, given he had already indulged in a pineapple lump shake (below), which was full of crushed up pineapple lumps. 

 Enough with these decadent delights, time to try the brekky meals.   A couple of weeks previously, I really did think I had eaten one of the best omelettes I had ever tasted.  Today though, the omelette was even better, if that were possible.

My only disappointment was being unable to finish this golden, fluffy treat.    Serves me right for overindulging  with a shake!  

Bacon & eggs, simple yet I’m told a nice meal.

A lovely relaxed setting, which will probably see you staying longer .  Beware though, this could lead to overindulging!   Next time we visit, no shake for me, as I look to try some more from this tasty menu.  For a business which started with macarons, the owner has found the right mix for growth.  Definitely check this one out👍

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