Harvey’s Bar & Bistro

We enjoyed fabulous  hospitality at the local Harvey’s Bar & Bistro. So much so that whilst we partook in the karaoke, met fantastic people and soaked up the general atmosphere, particularly one evening, I didn’t take many photos! However, the food we have enjoyed here in the past has generally been of a high standard, with the owners, JT & Claire creating a joint mix which works fabulously. JT runs back of house, whilst Claire runs front of house. This young, hardworking couple have created a fantastic environment, which has arisen from their dedication to the business. Choose from a table under sheltered deck area or inside the roomy venue. With plenty of room around tables, you don’t feel cramped in or like you’re sitting on top of your neighbours.

   The seafood platter for one is an example of JT’s highly delicious and well presented handiwork. Highly recommend a visit to this bar, perhaps for lunch, maybe a few relaxing drinks, or to check out the entertainment on offer. Staff are friendly, helpful and well trained. Check out the different menus on offer, perhaps the $25 Friday night bottomless banquet, (10% discount if his book), or, the $12.50 Sunday roast. With a variety of specials running, you won’t be disappointed. 

We have to admit a soft spot for this venue and one to which we will keep returning.  Hervey Bay itself is hop, skip jump from Brisbane, around 3 1/2 hours.  Ok not a daily drive, but one we will make again soon to ensure we enjoy the hospitality on offer here.

You won’t go hungry here!  Plus the bar has a great selection to wet the whistle, not to forget that Ben & Jerry Ice cream freezer!  

Now this is something I don’t usually do, however for those of you wanting to check a little more on this venue, go to http://www.go2harveys.com  

JT & Claire look forward to your visit (I’m sure they will)!  


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