Great Sandy Straits Marina, Hervey Bay

What can I say, we really have fallen in love with this delightful area.  When you continually experience views like this, how could you not be taken aback by the beauty of natures canvas.

 Staying again @mantraherveybay it has been our pleasure to once more enjoy the hospitality of some of the businesses around the area.

One of our favourite breakfast  Cafes has closed.  This time, we gave the friendly ladies at ‘Chit Chat with Flavours Cafee’ a try.   Their personalised service, ability to interact, have a laugh and show such genuine gratitude when thanked for their food and service, is definitely a draw card for us.  The coffee here was deemed by our group, as the best on the Marina, with the food very homemade and down to earth..   OverallVery homely, and an enjoyable experience.   Basic meals without all the frills attached. 

  I savoured every morsel of this delicious omelette, with the lot.   To be honest, one of the best omelettes I’ve enjoyed in a long time.  Filled with ham, plus bursting with the genuine home / farm style taste of days gone by, certainly helped to make this a most enjoyable start to the day. 
Be sure to drop by and visit these lovely ladies,  atmosphere and general chit chat will kick you off on a nice way start to the day. Or perhaps you would prefer go relax with a coffee throughout the day.   As with any of the cafes/restaurants along here, the vistas across the marina toward Fraser Island are one of the most relaxing and constantly moving views anywhere.  There is always something to watch.

 The ever changing moods are fabulous.   Enjoy a walk along the well designed boardwalk, stroll up to the local boat club for a meal or entertainment, visit one of the friendly Boardwalk businesses or simply relax on your balcony.

As evening draws closer, just as the sun is setting, be prepared for the amazing spectacular sight of thousands upon thousands of bats.  Very silently, over the course  of five-ten minutes, they arise en mass from the park they have slept in for the day, heading towards Fraser Island, before peeling off to their chosen feeding destination.   An every day occurrence for the locals, but an awesome sight for visitors.  

Don’t forget to drop into Harvey’s Bar & Bistro!- Check their review being posted with this one……Enjoy your stay in Harvey Bay!   We are definitely returning!

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