Tank Ride – Tamborine/Jimboomba

 There had to come a day where Hubby & another family member, cashed in the Gift vouchers to partake in the tank ride experience.

Today was the day.  Heading off on a Sunday drive, we meandered our way to the tank ride location, not too far from Waterford.

We were met with a very enthusiastic, Tim Wood, who checked off the booking and explained there were a few to come, but we were all welcome to explore the ranks outside, without climbing over or on them.  Why not, what a great opportunity to take a few photos.   Fascinating to see the different tanks, including this bridge layer, lurking under a tarp on Tims property.    I have to mention here, that Tim not only welcomed those who were booked in for the experience, spectators and those just along for the ride, were also most wrlcome to explore these tanks.   It’s not often you come across an experience where the spectators are also welcome.   Well done to Tim for keeping this as an outing suitable for families or couples, even if only one person is actually partaking in the exoerience.  Much appreciated.  

 After  checking out the different tanks, it was time to head to the shed where a most knowledgable and eager Tim, shared his love of tanks.  Again spectators were welcome.  Tim shared his history with tanks, including his transition from champion bmx rider to the proud owner of these big steel tanks.

Knowing this is someone who repeats this experience over and over continually, it was quite refreshing to find Tim to be such a genuine person, who could retell these stories, without sounding dull and repetitive.  His audience was drawn in to his enthusiasm, all listening, without the usual signs of boredom.  Tim has a  system that works and he should be commended for this.  Keep up that natural enthusiasm Tim, it really does make a big difference to the whole exoerience. 

For those wondering what facilities are available, there are toilets, plus a free water filter,  ((not chilled) and bottled water for $1.    

After the informative session, it was time to head outside and listen to Tim explain the different types of tanks.  Once finished, everyone was invited to climb on and explore this intriguing equipment.   After this, the group who had booked the experience, were divided into two for the tank rides.    Spectators were most welcome to take photos of their mates partaking in their experience. 
I for one, was quite surprised at the speed of this tank as it thundered round the track.  Dust and exhaust fumes billowing behind.  Apparently, the ride was quite smooth as compared to what the participants expected. You wonder how when you see a photo like this!   However, I can assure you, this experience was most enjoyed, not only by our group, but by other participants who included young children.   Most definitely keep this  one in mind.  A great gift, quite a unique experience for the big and little kids at heart.  Thank you Tim, this day was greatly enjoyed by all of your happy, somewhat dusty, participants and spectators!


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