Queensland Auto Museum – Hampton

After an enjoyable Sunday Drive, our final destination for the day was this intriguing museum, located down a red dirt road in Hampton.   So much for those lovely shiny cars 😄!

Your first view are the cars from years gone by, lined up along the driveway, leading to the entrance.  They’re not clean, nor shiny, simply sitting there, rejuvenating those distant memories, associated with cars, from over the years.  Cars are joined by motorbikes, dinghys, and more memorabilia as you approach the Bobby Dazzler Cafe.

 Everywhere you look, including over your head, on tables, in the gardens, there is something else that will jog the memory cogs.  

We chose to fill the bellies, before venturing into the museum.   With quite a large group, we had let them know to expect us.   A simple menu, with revved up burgers the mainstay, plus a specials board, it still took some deliberation to decide upon your choice. 

  Reasonably priced, there were a few desserts, some cakes, soft drinks, and a variety of coffees available, with bushells tea for the tea drinkers.

Service was friendly, food beautifully fresh and most enjoyable, however unfortunately, on this occasion, the kitchen was unable to cope.   Meals were delivered two at a time with no rhyme or reason and very long gaps in between,   I had finished my fish and chip meal below just as hubby was delivered his burger.   Luckily though the quaility of the food was higher than expected for an out of the way cafe.    Not only was the fish tasty, chips just right, the salad was a superb coleslaw / salad style mix. 

 Hubby of course, chose a burger.   Today it was the Big Block Burger which looked like a small high rise building! 

 There were no complaints from hubby about his lunch, although he did start to struggle to finish!  The comment was passed that not only was the salad and contents tasty , the bun was also very fresh.

After lunch it was time to head the non-descript doorway, where a variety of bits and pieces were scattered around, and view the contents within.   At $12.50 per adult, the entry fee is reasonable enough.  Upon stepping through the doorway, you feel yourself immediately pulled back into the past.  It’s not just cars in here, there is everything from those bygone eras.    Any adult  who cannot find something in here to jog a memory or two, must have lived in a bubble.    From telephones that stayed in one place and you could only answer if you were home, to an old caravan kitted out with the basic essentials.   The old tvs that every now and then coped a thump on the side to restore the picture or provided the shelf for a well placed screwdriver as a threat to what would happen if they didn’t work.  Oh yes I remember the pain associated with learning to touch type on these… Not from the typewriter itself but from the strict typing teacher with metre rule in hand, stalking through the classroom, distributing well placed blows across the knuckles with said ruler if one was spied by her eagle eyes, even glancing towards the key.  You had no choice but to learn to touch type, and type fast!

There’s a corner dedicated to the vehicles owned by Peter Brock.  Always a draw card for those who enjoy keeping up with  racing legend history.
Fill in a day with an enjoyable drive out this way.  There’s a lot to see and do, even the kids find this stuff fascinating, until the novelty wears off anyway!

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