Buzz Bistro – The Emporium

Candy cane cup & saucer was most definitely a point of difference at this busy city fringe cafe.  Cleverly matched to the awnings outside the cafe and above the bar, the bold red and white stripes caught everyone’s eye.

 Even though the cafe was busy, we were immediately greeted and seated upon entering.    Here you peruse the menu before heading to the counter  where you place and pay your order upfront.   After this, table service resumes with  your choices delivered to the table.  Surprisingly, for a busy cafe,  drinks and meals arrived quickly.     Delicious olive bread was toasted, partnered with bacon, haloumi, egg and rocket, on the breakfast board meal.  A popular choice judging by the number we saw delivered to various tables.  My choice was a simple avocado on toasted seeded bread.   Nicely presented as well as quite tasty.  Bacon & egg roll in a wonderfully soft roll, with a side of lambs fry & bacon, was hubbys choice.  Judging by the clean plates once he had finished, one could only assume he enjoyed very morsel.

There are a few dining choices in the Emprium, not many for breakfast though,  so check this one out, even if its only for a take away coffee.

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