Lanna Thai Cafe & Restaurant

  This Thai restaurant has been in the area many years.  Now situated in the Clock Tower group of shops, next to the Carseldine Train station, the popularity of this place appears to have increased.

Bring you own bottle of wine to plonk on the table,and staff will bring you wine glasses, even an ice bucket if required. A bottle of chilled water was also delivered to the table by the friendly attentive staff. 

With a big floor area to cover both inside and out, there were plenty of staff to attend to all the customers.  After the dinner order was taken,  a plate of complimentary prawn crackers arrived at the table. Certainly a nice light start to the meal as compared to the usual bread or rolls at other venues.  

 From the very reasonably priced menu, we chose chicken satay kebabs, plus coconut King prawns as an entree.  At $8 per entree, there could be no complaints about the price!  

 King prawns were huge, the coconut coating made the exterior crunchy however the prawns inside were very juicy.  On the side was a sweet chilli sauce, which was neither hot or overpowering.   Actually quite pleasant.  Soft skewered chicken pieces, coated in a tasty satay sauce, were also a hit.

Entrees were filling in themselves, but with mains ordered, one feels obliged to continue the meal😄.   This was the sweet n sour chicken dish. Easy to eat, tasty and not overdone.  Quite a large serving too. 

 Continuing the fish theme, it was on to the calamari.  Very large pieces which even though they were so big, were bursting with seafood juices.   
Luckily we only ordered one bowl of steamed rice, and to be fair, we barely made a dent in it, the meals were so filling!

However at $5.50 per dessert, are you really going to say no?  I thought not! 

 Deep fried ice cream with chocolate sauce and an absolutely Devine Creme caramel.  Perfect way to finish!

One evening, grab your bottle of wine, designate a driver and check this one out.  Even the soft drinks were less than $3 so you’re sure to find something on the menu to suit your budget.

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