The Crepe Cafe – Aspley

 Not on the menu as fish of the day, lucky for this chap, however this large fish cruising effortlessly through his tank,certainly makes an interesting focal point in the cafe.    Located in the middle of the Aspkey Homemaker Centre, this cafe was an unexpected surprise.  

Big solid tables surround the outside , mainly undercover with few completely alfresco, plus  some inside.  Menu choice is fairly extensive sporting a wide variety of crepes as their signature dishes, amongst other meal choices.  Prices were extremely reasonable, particularly for the big size of the meals.  Another lovely surprise here was the huge smile on the face of the young chap setting up the outside tables on this particular weekend morning.   I would hazard a guess to say he was part of the owners family in which case, it was awesome to see everyone involved in the business.  He was obviously very pleased with himself for having been given such an important job.  Made our day!  Hubby chose the breakfast crepe, which was packed full of brekky goodies, oozing cheese and won him over as being very tasty.Partnering his crepe with a thick shake  the usual latte.  The thick shake he felt was more like a milkshake however,  he did also comment on his large caramel latte which surprised him immensely as being one of the best he has tasted.   For a little known, out of the way cafe, hubby did note this as being worthy of a mention.     My choice of the vegetarian omelette was not disappointing.  The omelette was filled inside with a variety of fresh tasting veges, giving juicy pops of flavour throughout the meal.   Quite a large meal and definitely worth trying.   Very good value, particularly considering our meal for two was barely over $30 including drinks.    This cafe is definitely worth a visit in between furniture and homeware shopping or just to dine at the cafe.   Menus were on the counter where you return to order and pay before receiving your table number. 

Friendly staff will deliver your meals & drinks as well as clear the tables.  Well done to this cafe, a nice surprise ! 

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