The Charming Squire, Southbank, Brisbane

There are times you follow an impulse decision to dine out – somewhere, basically where ever you end up.   On this particular night, we left the train at Southbank and stopped at the very first place we came too, right next to the Train Station.   That was how we ended up at The Charming Squire.

Smiling, helpful staff were more than happy to show us to a booth, with freestanding chairs along the outside edge.  Seated around the heavy wooden table, in comfortable high backed seating, with a large menu in hand, it was time to settle in for the evening.

This is a large high ceiling venue, with a pub area down one end, an upstairs area for groups plus the sprawling restaurant.  Also, seemingly, a very popular place, which was soon filling up with customers. 

 Charcuterie Plate, garlic bread with Mushroom & Truffle Aracini Balls, were a nice entree share plate style start to the meal.  
Even though the venue is large with live music down the other end, the noise levels were not excessive enough to the point of overpowering your own tables conversations.

Toilets are located down the bar end, only a small number of separate toilet rooms, however the wash basins are along a wall on the edge of the pub area.  Quite different to the usual fully enclosed set up.  A bit of a walk too if you are in the restaurant area as you have to go through the bar customers and past the live music stage.

Up until the mains had been delivered to the table, staff were attentive and helpful.  After that we lost them.  Seemingly off to concentrate on newer table seating, we found it became hard to gain their attention to continue ordering drinks and desserts,   However they would respond quickly once realising we required their service.

 Mains were well enjoyed, with presentation pleasing to the eye.  Even the sides were as good as they looked!  

Kipfler potatoes with peas & feta, were a fabulous accompaniment to the steak.

We found the wine menu extensive enough to cater to  everyone’s tastes, including their own brand of James Squire crafted beers. As with most meals,  there comes a time where you decided if the desire to taste one of those delicious sounding desserts, outweighs the internal ‘do I really need it’ struggle.   Faced with choices which included, a Banoffee Pie, Stanthorpe Apple SoufflĂ©  or Datk Chocolate Fondant, all with mouthwatering descriptions, sometimes the temptation becomes to hard to resist.  

On that note, I will leave you with an image of one of these tantalising, delightfully presented desserts, and see if you rise to the challenge of trying this Banoffee Pie!


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