Shutter & Brew, Wavell Heights, Brisbane

Hidden in the suburbs, lives a delightful cafe by the name of Shutter & Brew.  

Perhaps the photo above will give you a hint as to the origins of the word shutter.   Yes the cafe is based around a photography theme, however you do not need to be a photographer to visit this intriguing venue.

Our visit was for breakfast.  Now I will admit, this would have to be one of, if not the cheapest breakfast ever.   Mine totalled $13 for breakfast and tea.   

This smashed avocado on toast, with homemade relish, was a simplistic, yet fulfilling breakfast. Great way to start the day.  Actually that’s a big accolade given I’m not a relish loving person, but this one, yes, loved it!

The menu here is simple, not extensive, just a few items, however all are wonderfully presented. 

Quite refreshing in a way to come across such a simple, yet satisfying menu.

This toasted sandwich is a lot bigger than it looks in the photo.   Definitely way larger than your normal slice of bread.

 It’s winter, and you’re presented with this as your hot chocolate choice, complete with large tin mug.  First thoughts?  Wow!  How awesome is this!

Feeling somewhat guilty the other half was working on the weekend, whilst I was out exploring with family, I had to buy a cupcake to take home.

Simple affair really, just a a little Oreo cupcake……  Apparently quite tasty to eat,  I was told👍.

If you would like to learn photography, you can book a lesson or two here.  Take some time to browse the old photography manuals too, or check the photo display.  The interior of the shop, definitely makes up for the lack of view outside!

I highly recommend you check this cafe out, you won’t be disappointed!  Seek it out, worth a visit!

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