Spring Creek Mountain Cafe


We took advantage of the long weekend to visit friends in Stanthorpe.  Whilst enjoying a Sunday drive, we stumbled across what could only be described as a hidden gem.   Tucked into the side of the hill, with stunning vistas from each table, is Spring Creek Mountain Cafe. 

After a walk around the waterfalls, about 6kms down the road, we decided to see if we’d could find the cafe.   Upon parking in the area where photo opportunities were advertised, we discovered the driveway located at the top of the hill, whereupon we meandered down to the cafe below.

 How could you not enjoy lunch with this view.   A beautiful winters day, with an amazing scenery vista.   Superb!

 Choosing an antipasto plate from the menu, was a good choice.  The potato & onion bread was simply delightful.  Homemade salami, chicken terrine, partnered with baby gherkins, olives, & cheese, all in all made for a delightful tasty, yet filling plate.  Homemade cheesecake, was declared a definite winner.

Take the time to enjoy a drive out here, it’s definitely worth it, with amazing photo opportunities on a clear day.   Signs depicted about 60kms to Boonah, or within an easy driving distance from Warwick & Stanthorpe.

Accommodation cottages are available here for those looking for a quiet weekend retreat.  Yes, the cafe is sometimes busy, however the accommodation is set back from the busy cafe environment, which no doubt sets the scene for a delightfully quiet retreat.

You should check this area out, most definitely even a visit! πŸ‘πŸ˜„

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