Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World

 Perched on the side of the hill, with the Glasshouse Mountains providing a superb backdrop, are the Maleny Botanic Gardens.    

Pack yourselves a picnic and head off here for visit.  The drive to Maleny from Brisbane, will have you meandering through beautiful country areas, after you leave the Bruce Highway.     A worthwhile drive with the beautiful gardens making for a nice place to stop and enjoy your picnic.  Colours pop from the extensive planting mixes around the grounds.   Wide pathways meander throughout.  Plenty of room to wander here.  

At today’s visit, adults were $16 entry, free for under 16 years.  For $26 you can purchase a ticket to visit the bird aviary as well.  Today though, we visited the gardens and stopped for lunch.  Some of our group visited the aviary, but we will leave this fir a seperate visit and review.  Trees frame the jagged mountains nearby.  Each direction provides a different outlook.

 The grounds are steep in places, however there is plenty of room to drive down to the lower garden area, if you have trouble walking.  Every little corner of the gatden, provides a different setting.

 Water settings reflect their surroundings.    

Use the time you have on a free day to treat yourself to a touch of nature in this breathtakingly beautiful area of South East Queensland.  You certain,y won’t regret it ! 

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