Grilling Art, Rhode Road, Stafford Heights

 After a brisk Saturday morning walk, it was time to tidy up and head out for breakfast.    Grilling Art wasn’t the first choice on this day however, it ended up being a very pleasant place to enjoy breakfast.

Full table service, with a choice of indoor/outdoor dining, this cafe/bar is nicely set out, with an open kitchen at the rear of the inside area.    A few booths are available along one wall, for those who prefer a booth.  My choice, the above Grilling Art Terrine.   Who could resist three layers of eschallot cream cheese, smoked salmon salsa and avocado.

This delightful dish was beautifully presented, making for a change from the usual standard breakfast choices.   The ingredients married perfectly to create a light, tasty and very enjoyable meal.

 Another choice at our table was the Grilling Art French, pictured above.  Rib fillet, mushroom, onion, cucumber and capsicum resting on a bed of sourdough, with a choice of sour cream or hollandaise.   Certainly enjoyable too, as this plate was  fully devoured!

Blue Ocean smashed salmon breakfast, below, included, boiled egg and aioli smashed onto the sourdough base.   Another fabulous combination which was greatly enjoyed.

 With an extensive menu throughout the day, I’m sure everyone will find something to their liking from any of the meal menus.  Takeaway meals and menus are available here too.    

I think we will be heading back here shortly so that hubby can test out the burger side.   Meanwhile I’m looking at the lunch menu thinking the strawberry and salmon salad sounds enticing!


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