Gianni’s Kitchen – Newstead Brisbane


Buongiorno!  Time to visit Italy without leaving Brisbane.  Gianni’s Kitchen is a full restaurant, however, breakfast is in the deli area rather than the restaurant itself.   Here you can choose to sit outside underneath the huge umbrellas or, inside, surrounded by jars and bottles of Italian delicacies.  Various cured meats and cheeses, beckon you from their chillers, encased behind sparkling glass.


Friendly Italian staff added to the relaxed atmosphere.  Tea and coffee arrived, accompanied by thick pieces of tantalising biscotti.  Definitely a nice touch.    As customers started to arrive, many greeted staff in Italian, inciting excited chatter.

Here, there was no rush to push patrons through.  We were more than happy to catch up with our group over tea and coffee, and drink in the atmosphere.  Everywhere the eye wandered there was something else to look at.   To be fair, it would have been very easy to walk out with a bag of purchases including wine, cheese, fresh cakes, olive oils, the list is endless.   Restraint was most definitely a requirement today.   ( Although, obviously some of us didn’t have enough of that ..!)

 Plenty of choice on the breakfast menu, with our choices including Eggs with Sicilian sausage and the Box of Pan Brioche,, amongst others.  Adore the gorgeous little packets delivered go the table, holding your knife, fork and napkin.  Awesome👍

The Box of  Pan Brioche above, was my choice.  The brioche in the centre, was filled with honey spinach, topped with a poached egg.  Resting upon a bed of smoked salmon, avocado & ricotta mousse, this dish was a delight to eat.  The salmon, avocado & riccotta mousse paired beautifully with the spinach brioche.   A very tasty dish.

This was another venue which looked like the ideal place for a long lunch.  Arrivederci Giannis, see you soon!    In the meantime here’s a dish of the eggs and Sicilian sausage to tempt your tastebuds.


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