Stones On the Lakes – North Lakes

For a different twist on your dining experience, Hot Volanic stones, heated to 300 degrees, over 5 hours in a special oven, arrive in front of you, allowing you to cook your own meal at the table.

Quite a novel concept, and one which hubby and I really enjoyed.   

We had noticed this restaurant, located on a large  roundabout at Northlakes, on a number of occasions.   Today was the day to try their menu.  Open for dinner, as well as Sunday lunch, this relaxed, comfortable restaurant, with big solid dining settings, is definitely a unique experience.   Sunday lunch meals are half price too, an added bonus.

With a reasonable selection of wines, beers or spirits, as well as iced teas, or other cold or hot drinks, it wasn’t difficult to find the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Both of us chose a fish meal today, hubby a seafood platter including prawns, scallops and salmon.  For me, the salmon.    Before long, you are presented with a smoking hot stone, accompanied by a selection of condiments on the side, chunky chips and a delightfully colourful salad.

A seperate plate for each of us, with our seafood / meat selection, was placed next to the hot stones.  We were both given a rundown on how to cook on this stone, and the expected length of time for our food to be ready to eat.

The sight and smell of this food as it sizzles away in front of you, tantalises the tastebuds, increasing the anticipation as to what delights lay ahead,

Extremely lucky really, that you do have the chips and salad to snack on whilst you play chef on your own hot stone.  Yes, that is the smoking heat rising in the photo above, not light affecting the photo.

Next time, we will test the cold stone desserts.   They sounded fabulous, but we just couldn’t fit it in on this visit.

With such a relaxed setting, fantastic friendly service, a view out across the massive roundabout, filled with greenery, the setting, food and atmosphere are all key ingredients to a wonderful Sunday afternoon, or an evening meal.   Definitely check this place out, there are a couple of Stones on the Lakes in the Brisbane area.  Maybe there is one near you!

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