The High Tea Party – Breast Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser

Last year our group attended the High Tea Party at the Hilton Hotel.  For 2015 we decided to try the VIP experience.  After all, the proceeds go towards beating breast cancer.    This years package, included a cap of  100 people in a our private room, instead of the huge crowd we were seated amongst last year.  To be fair,  this was the main reason we had decided to try the VIP  p.

Our beautifully presented table sporting bubbles, goodie bag packed with sponsor gifts and fine china settings, was eye catching.   This year was definitely looking like an upgrade on last year.   The added benefit of only a few tables in the room was a bonus.

Upon our arrival, we set about checking out the stalls near the main ballroom area at Brisbanes Hilton Hotel.  We were quick to secure our bubbly, compliments of Jacobs Creek, before embarking on a stall exploration.   Plenty to see, with pamper stalls along the way.   

Wine in hand, we strolled through the area, looking a lot different by the time we emerged to head up to our VIP private room.  New eyebrows, eyelash extensions, painted nails, there was a seeming endless  list of free pampering.   The staff we spoke to in the different stalls were friendly, full of information, and happy to answer questions on their products.  Beauty product, accessories, jewellery, clothing, tea, juices, foods, the number of businesses represented here was mind bogling.

Tucked in the back corner of one room, we came across a natural vodka tasting.  The printed sample box on display touted this vodka as being for the “intelligent drinker”.  How did they know?. 😄.    Since this was obviously meant for us, we soon found ourselves seated around a tasting table.  Here we were introduced to the delights of some wonderful vodka varieties.  Our presenter gave us a very informative run down on the history of their vodka.

As the stall area started to fill up, we chose to head up for our VIP sitting, now relaxed, happy and feeling a little glammed up.  

We were directed through to our private areas to await the arrival of our high tea. 

Tea was delivered by the wait staff, along with the tiered food plates, proudly displaying delectable delights.  Our group enjoyed the high tea sitting, although a number of us were disappointed not to be part of the fashion parade we had witnessed in the grand ballroom at the normal sitting last year.  Here, beautiful, brave cancer sufferers, parade the catwalk, showing off some fabulous garments.  To us the heart wrenching fashion parade, brought home the reason for this high tea. Perhaps there was something we weren’t made aware of, however without the parade, there was really not a lot else which gave this day a special meaning.   The VIP package, did feel like a fabulous day  of pampering and catching up with the girls, but just lacked that special meaning.   

Something to keep in mind if you are trying to decide which package to try.  All in all though, this is a fantastic  day out, for a worthwhile cause.  Treat yourself sometime, and know you have participated in helping to raise funds to fight breast cancer.   The high tea party Australia  is on in your capital city, at some time every year.  Keep any eye out for the ticket sales.

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