Blackbird – Brisbane

Find the Blackbird entrance behind the Pig N Whistle in the Riverside complex, follow the sweeping staircase to the top, and you will be greeted by a professional staff member, who will seat you at your allocated table. Should you find yourself near the window, the fabulous view above, will be the perfect accompaniment to your delightful experience ahead.

Movie buffs can be forgiven for feeling something about this place feels familiar. Oozing opulence, the restaurant is themed upon the 1920’s prohibition era. A rug underneath the table on the elevated platform, was used on the set of The Great Gadsby, Beautifully draped golden lighting , hovers majestically over the same table. Heavily patterned gold wallpaper, sporting dark blue birds, intertwined with vines, brings walls and pillars within the room, to life.

The service we received was superb. Definitely fitting the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. Everything ordered arrived without undue delay. With an extensive wine list to choose from, the choice and range contained within, is most impressive.

A selection of tantalising mocktails are available for the non-drinker. The Piker, with raspberry purée , vanilla and apple, was a popular choice at our table.

Free range pork, accompanied with baked pumpkin, orange ginger & witlof marmalade, pictured below, was a delightful dish.

Kangaroo was my choice for this meal. The presentation here, definitely activated the taste buds. Pepperberry encrusted, the kangaroo married beautifully with a beetroot tarte tatin, caramelised cauliflower and riberries. The tastebuds were definitely not disappointed when I tasted this dish. Superb.

Some of the other dishes enjoyed were the shellfish platter, featuring the freshest seafood, a Hanger steak and the market fish. The presentation and taste of the meals was fabulous.

Dessert time arrived, with a couple of guests in our group, choosing to finish with a sweet. Sometimes, a dessert with satisfy the sweet tooth, and provide a perfect ending to the meal. The desserts did just that, winding, up a very enjoyable overall experience. The one below, was a completely different take on an old favourite, the banana split.

We look forward to revisiting and taking some time to enjoy the bar areas overlooking the Brisbane river. Definitely something to look forward to!

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