Hatch & Co, Gasworks, Newstead

A pleasant atmosphere, with an upmarket, yet relaxed feel, enhanced by a view across to the old gasworks structure.

Hatch & Co sits on the corner of the Gasworks Shopping complex. A large sprawling open plan restaurant. Breakfast is served on the weekends in addition to lunch and dinner.

Politely greeted and seated by one of the waitstaff, we were offered a choice of water, and given menus to peruse. Our chosen water arrived quickly, prior to our drinks order being taken.

We were very impressed at the extra effort this staff member went to, after I enquired about a herbal tea. As the menu didn’t state the varieties, he disappeared with the drinks order, arriving back at the table shortly after,with a list of the tea selection he had written into his notebook. I think he was rather relieved we appreciated his effort!

This was their fruit melange iced tea. Very refreshing, with an interesting colour, completely different to the normal iced tea varieties

My choice for breakfast was the house cured salmon, scrambled eggs and chives, resting on a toasted brioche. A beautiful, nicely presented meal, with the light, fluffy scrambled eggs mixing well with the tasty salmon and a delightful flavoursome, brioche.

Hubby’s choice, was the poached eggs with a side of savoury mince. They were delivered with the mince in a side dish. The meal, I’m told, was a fantastic combination choice, all tasty and enjoyable. Savoury mince is one of Hubby’s favourites, meaning he is always delighted to find this on a menu.

Another meal choice was baked eggs,chorizo, gremolta and grilled sourdough. A definite winner too!

We checked out the lunch/dinner menus and cocktail list whilst there. Something about this restaurant, led to a feeling you could enjoy a long lingering lunch or dinner here. I think we will be back………. πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ

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