Gold Class – Event Cinemas

Have you ever wondered what Gold Class movies are about, perhaps considered the experience, but just weren’t sure if it was worth while? Here’s a little insight on what happens.

After receiving gift vouchers last Christmas for Gold Class, we waited for a good movie to check out. Anytime there was a good movie, we were committed elsewhere, however, finally within a few days of the vouchers expiring, we booked into Gold Class at Chermside.

It’s probably been about 18 months since we last attended Gold Class. Very refreshing to see new seats installed in the theatre which attributed to lingering smell of new leather. Seats are huge, allowing you to recline back with your feet up, or curl up if you so wish. There’s a generous wooden table between each pair of seats, with plenty of room between rows and other patrons. This isn’t anything like the normal cinema where everyone sits right next to each, with barely enough elbow room. Yes you do pay more for Gold Class, however, if you’re after a relaxing experience with drinks and food delivered to your seat, then this is the place to be.

Upon entry into the Gold a Class lounge, you show your entry tickets at the bar to receive menus. Now you need to decide what you would like delivered through the movie. There are now two deliveries made throughout the movie. These can be food, drinks or both. You may decide to have an entree or a main, perhaps a platter or dessert. Be warned though, you are eating in the dark, leave the white clothes at home!

We have usually found most dishes to be a reasonably sized serving. Yes desserts we ordered for instance were expensive, however they are for two and take some getting through. If you’re not wanting to spend this much on food, then perhaps eat before you go and simply enjoy a couple of relaxing drinks or coffees throughout your movie.

We started with a Catching Fire cocktail and a Whiskey Sour. Highly recommended, both of them! A couple of deliveries throughout the movie were did arrive as ordered, drinks and dessert. Only when the banana sundae arrived, did I remember why I don’t order those runny chocolate dishes in Gold Class. They are so what challenging to eat in the dark! Oops, too late…..!

Gold class is most likely going to be somewhere you go to treat yourself it a regular experience. Therefore, sit back, relax and enjoy. You deserve this 👍.

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