Sassafras Canteen, Paddington

Sunday Breakfast at Sassafras. What an interesting place to visit, with a different, varied menu – including vodka salmon..hello! Theres a wonderful vibe you receive from the polite, caring staff as you are greeted upon entering this inner city delight.

Passing through the inside to head out to the garden area, nooks and crannies pop up along the way. Everywhere you turn there is something different to look at. Including a good sense of humour. One had to love the placement of this sign, over a small pond…still giggling!


Breakfast choices included the Sassa Brunch, Eggs Benedict with bacon (yes also one with the vodka, lemon murtle & spiced salmon gravlax), the pulled lamb omelette, and corn fritters. All the meals were well presented, fresh, tasty and most enjoyable.

Eggs Benedict with bacon above tasted as good as it looks. The beautifully presented Sassa Brunch below, was an awesome healthy option.

I definitely enjoyed the vodka salmon Eggs Benedict, however I think the dish that really wowed with taste was the pulled lamb omelette. We have never tasted an omelette with the appeal of this one. If you’re an omelette person or like a little lamb, give this one a try, it really is different with an explosion of taste in the mouth.

The selection of juices and smoothies has a wide ranging appeal. Most definitely give these a try. This strawberry, pineapple & mint juice was just devine, an extremely refreshing kick to start the day.

Take a drive through to Paddington, if you’re not already in the area. Visit Sassafras and enjoy the warm welcome you will receive from the staff as well as the good food and atmosphere. We know we will be going back šŸ‘!

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