P.J. O’Briens, Tullamarine Airport

Reluctantly, we realised our whirlwind, weekend visit to this fashion, foodie paradise, was coming to an end. Time to fly home.

Never liking to be pushed for time when facing a deadline time, we chose to arrive at Melbourne airport earlier to partake of a pre-flight lunch. Our choice, P J O’Briens.

Seated next to a window, we had the option of watching the airport going about its business, or enjoying the busy atmosphere within P J’s.

Perusing the pub style menu, one starts to realise how wise we were to choose airport dining over stopping somewhere en route to Tullamarine. There looks to be a bit of eating involved with these meals. Oh well, someone had to do it!

Ordering meals and drinks at the counter, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Why, you may ask? Upon ordering my glass of wine, I was asked to confirm if this was a normal or large sized serve. There is a choice?? Apparently yes. Well, that had to be one of the easiest decisions ever made 😄.

Two meals ordered, were the Boston Celtic Cheese Steak Sandwich. A long, full roll, oozing the contents, covered in melting cheese, from one side, with chunky chips served on the side. Apparently these meals were very tasty.

I was happy to pick at the couple of starters we ordered, including Blue Eye Cod Croquettes, Semolina Dusted Calamari and Fried Beer & Cheese Bites.

The Calamari was a nice little dish, the lack of heavy crumbs making a nice change to normal pub fare.

Service here was surprisingly quick for such a busy restaurant. Staff were efficient, obviously used to the busy environment. The pub area is out the front, if you are after a pre flight drink. With the dining area situated at the back of P J O’Briens, overlooking the airport.

Another bonus here, PJ’s is located before security. Rather handy if you are wanting to spend time with family or friends, before you head through security to your gate.

Bye bye Melbourne. We barely scratched the surface this weekend, next time we hope to explore a lot more of what this city had to offer.

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