Little PawPaw

Days off work throughout the week are somewhat of a rarity. It was to be expected therefore, that a Friday away from work would result in a lunch somewhere.

Taking the opportunity to drop the car in for a car wash, whilst partaking of lunch, we headed to Kedron’s Little PawPaw Cafe. This cafe was recommended by friends of my daughter, which made it an easy decision for her to take me out to lunch.

Located on a street corner in the suburb of Kedron, this quirky, popular little cafe has taken up residence. The next building houses a dog salon, with a number of pampered pooches exiting with their owners, looking spruced up and fluffy. One particular little white dog, looked to be smiling proudly, sporting a blue bow, as their owner carried them off to their car, to be belted in for homeward trip. Salon treatment with valet service and your own driver, no wonder this one was smiling!

The menu is sufficient for most tastes, with breakfast available all day. Once you place and pay for your order at the counter, you can collect a bottle of chilled water, plus glasses, from the nearby fridge.

There’s a mix of picnic tables outside, mostly roughly hewn wooden tables painted with interesting pictures of fruit. Small stools surround some tables, with a couple having bench seats. Quite an arty, eclectic feel to the whole area.

Staff were efficient, no complaints with regards to service. This is a busy cafe, not a full table service restaurant, which generally denotes a different type of service.

The quinoa salad pictured above was my choice for today, fresh, tasty and surprisingly very filling for a lighter meal. A satay chicken burger was the other meal choice at our table. Apparently this was a very tasty burger, perhaps a little heavy on the satay for this person’s palate. Otherwise, however, a very substantial lunch.

Little Pawpaw looks to be very popular with the locals in the area. Quite a few wandered in for a lunch or a coffee and a chat. The nice casual, laid back atmosphere lends itself to wiling away some time while you catch up on the news or watch the world go by.

There are other cafes related to this one, throughout Brisbane, including Pawpaw, Raw Pawpaw & Picnic Cafes.

Keep an eye out in your area, you might stumble across one.

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