Scout Cafe

Nestled among some older buildings on Petrie Terrace, you will find Scout Cafe. Across the road, rolling parkland blends into the cityscape with high rises peeking through the trees, as the Meriton building towers above everything. A nice setting with a pleasant vista.

Here the furniture is mismatched, both inside and out lending to an eccentric, eclectic cultural feel. The local cat was busy desperately trying to nab one of the birds who were revelling in a game of dive bomb the cat from all angles. One very frustrated pussy cat later, along with a number of happily chirping birds, the game was over as the birds moved on to find a new target.

The breakfast menu here is refreshingly different to the normal cafe breakfast menu. I have never come across a breakfast salad, however this one was beautifully presented, and I’m told, tasted superb.

The shop is run by a couple of Kiwi ladies, who have done a fabulous job in providing you with the homemade, out on the farm experience blended with the ‘just like grandma’s ‘ and the eclectic feel alluded to earlier. Somehow it all works.

It’s not often you are served tea in generously sized teapots allowing you more than just one cup of tea. The chai latte also served at our table, was declared the best yet. Green tea pictured above, was certainly a very nice drop too.

All the meals, including the two bagels at the table were nicely oresented, cooked and were delicious. One has to mention the lovely friendly staff, always an integral part of the whole experience.

An interesting, popular little cafe. Certainly worth a look if you’re in the area.

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