Aarth Cafe Restaurant

A newbie to the Brisbane dining scene is this interesting little spot, in the new Taigum Village Shopping Centre. With the centre only being completed this year, everything is still neat, clean and tidy. The menu is an interesting mix of Indian & Western cuisine.

A menu this reasonably priced, should have a wide ranging appeal. The lunch menu was also very reasonably priced with a good mix available.

To be honest, I have not dabbled too much in the area of Indian cuisine. This unique little place has added the culture mix to their menu, thereby I feel, expanding their general public appeal.

Staff were all neatly presented, welcoming, helpful and friendly, whilst maintaining the professional touch. They are trying hard to please their customers, and I’m sure they will.

The food we ordered for breakfast was fresh, simply presented, and very nicely cooked. I tried the omelette today, the photo looks plain, however rolled into the middle was a mix of bacon, tomato, mushrooms and onions. One of the nicest omelettes I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

The bacon and eggs meal, was as fresh and delicious as it looks.

The only problem we did encounter was a long delay in the omelette meal being cooked and delivered to the table. This time, though I chalked this up to a little inexperience in this new venture. It is something I am sure the staff will endeavour to correct.

We were told by the staff, that this little northside niche is about to embark on a dinner service from 5pm Tuesday’s to Sunday’s. The dinner menu also looked enticing and again extremely reasonably priced.

If you are in the area, it just might be worth your while checking this place out. We will definitely revisit. Well done. 👍

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