Time for a cuppa. Wooden fences, hedges, pots overflowing flowers, all give the country feel to this little cafe on Brisbane’s Northside.

Plastic roller blinds were rolled down to keep out the last chills of the winter breeze. Yet somehow, this in no way impeded upon the country feel of this cafe.

Umbrellas adorned the lawn outside, providing shelter from the sun’s rays. Quite relaxing. Inside was a little different, small and very noisy. However the wide verandah provided a haven from the noise inside, and the slight bite of the winter breeze.

Once you settle into a table, it’s hard to believe you are right next to the busy Beams Road. The planting surrounding the cafe, helps to block out the traffic noise. All in all, it’s quite a pleasant little place to visit.

Food was very good for a cafe, coffee maybe not so much as hubby declared his latte tasted a bit burnt. Maybe just an overheating of the milk for that cup.

Fruit toast and green tea was most certainly a good combination.

One thing I did notice at this cafe, and I would have to say that having managed a restaurant in the past, this is something I do notice, the staff were constantly clearing and cleaning tables. So often we go to cafes where tables are left stacked full of dirty used crockery & cutlery. Not here. Someone has trained these staff well. They were unobtrusive, yet regularly made passes through the cafe to clear as necessary.

Menu was ok with a reasonable amount of choice available, and average prices.

To be honest, you could easily wile away an hour or two here, location wise close to shopping centres, yet just enough apart from one to give you the country relaxed feel. Rather nice.

Check it out sometime. I think it’s worth a look.

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