Sofitel- Brisbane

You definitely have my attention! This has to be the best apology we have ever received. A couple of weeks ago we stayed here for a mini holiday for a private celebration. We could not fault the staff, the food, the biggest most comfortable mattress ever slept upon, everything was top class. One little hitch was a bunch of serenading hens party attendees in the middle of the night. To be fair, Management and Security did quickly attend, which, although favourable to us, apparently did not delight the young ladies in question who felt it necessary to voice their disapproval at a higher decibel rate than than their screaming…oops sorry serenading. Luckily we were in a room close to this delightful group thus enabling us to hear every piece of colourful conversation with the somewhat unfortunate staff sent to deal with the situation, who were simply doing their job.

Today, we have returned at the invitation of Management, who have provided us with a complimentary executive room, including the Club Sofitel access we enjoyed on the last visit. None of this was expected by us, however, this to me does show how dedicated the Sofitel is to providing the ultimate in customer service. Now as a side note, at no time did we jump up and down demanding compensation, we did say it was a shame our sleep was disturbed on this special occasion, when everything else at this establishment had been superb. Nor did we expect, or request, any type of compensation. You can therefore imagine our stunned surprise when we were offered this. Our thoughts, why not take advantage of this generous offer and recreate the relaxing, enjoyable stay we had hoped for.

Now there are chocolate strawberries and then there are, well these gold dusted little gems who tasted just as good as they looked. Absolutely delightful. Any strawberry would be proud to end up dressed like this, I’m sure!

The bed, yes I have to tell you about these beds on the executive floors, the mattress is about the same thickness as the base upon which it rests. Absolutely awesome!

With access to the executive lounge included, we were able to enjoy the benefits, along with the views from the lounge, located on the 30th floor. All day you can enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, juices and nibbles which included club sandwiches for part of the afternoon. From 5.30pm for a couple of hours, the all inclusive free flowing wine, drinks and canapés are yours to be enjoyed. As you partake if your canapés and drinks, you are treated to a fantastic view, either over the city, or on the other side of the lounge, an uninterrupted vista which includes the Glasshouse Mountains.

A superb spot for watching the sun as it slides down behind the distant hills.

Also included in your executive package is a free flowing champagne breakfast in the lounge. Hot, cold, fruits, cereals, pancakes, you would be very hard pressed not to find something to your liking! The tea and coffee selection is broad ranging and of a high quality, plus it’s available all day.

If you are considering a stay in Brisbane or simply looking for a luxury mini break, you really should consider a stay in the executive suites at the Sofitel. With all the inclusions taken into consideration, plus the added bonus of being in the heart of Brisbane, it may be good value to you.

The service at this hotel is impeccable. Reception, Concierge, Cleaners, Restaurant staff, everyone is here to ensure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable. Be sure to ask the staff how they are. When we arrived to check in, we were greeted in reception and asked how our day was. We were the first people that day to ask our staff member how his day was. It doesn’t take much to be polite. The staff are, they are here doing their job, why not make their day a little brighter and more enjoyable.

Enjoy your stay!

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