Caloundra Central Apartments & Sitar Restaurant

Many evenings were spent perusing accommodation to try and find a nice apartment for a night visit on the Sunshine Coast. The main problem encountered – finding a place where you can stay for just one night when passing through, with the majority a two or three night minimum.

Eventually I did come across this accommodation for one of our young family members to use along with two overseas visitors. A quick email through received a reasonably prompt reply, and before long, an apartment was secured for a night, on behalf of the intended travellers.

Caloundra is a nice, laid back seaside town, situated closet to Brisbane of the Sunshine Coast area settlements. Myself, I much prefer the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. There’s a nice feel here, without the glitz and high rises of the Gold Coast.

The photos and descriptions were given to me with the request to write about both the apartment and restaurant, as the three who stayed were very impressed with the overall complex, especially the hospitality of the staff.

The reasonable price included a fully equipped roomy two bedroom apartment, very large balcony, underground parking, free wifi, with barbecue facilities, restaurant, pool and a steamy spa pool on site.

First impressions were the cleanliness, with the apartment sparkling clean, also spacious, plus the added bonus of friendly, helpful staff. Three out of three, not bad for this complex situated on a hill overlooking Caloundra, with a view through to the sea.


Planning on a night of catching up , this group of three decided to dine at the Sitar Indian Restaurant which was part of the complex. The main draw cards for them, a cheap menu which included a good variety of general food, plus a short wander back up to the apartment after a couple of drinks!

As the only ones dining in the restaurant on this Sunday night, they enjoyed the company of a delightful, very helpful young staff member who was excited to wait upon them.

I’m told that this little restaurant had been set up beautifully by the family who seemed to run the complex. From the bar area, if you were after a quiet pre dinner drink, to clean cutlery, crockery, glasses and very fresh food, this homely, comfortable restaurant impressed.

The total meal bill for three with drinks, mains and entree, came in under $70. A favourite of one of those dining was butter chicken, with the dish on this night declared the best ever eaten. Pizza, chicken kebabs and a very nice bread were also good meals.


As you can see from the menu extract above, the prices, by today’s standards are cheap for what were filling, fresh and by all accounts, tasty well enjoyed meals.

Some day when you find yourself passing through Caloundra, or if you’re seeking reasonably priced accommodation on the Sunshine Coast, you may want to keep this place in mind. After all this was recommended by young late teen, early twenties travellers, who enjoyed the break from the city scene.

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