Lock’n’Load Bistro – West End Brisbane

Nestled in amongst a group of shops, sporting a timber frontage which gives a Wild West style look, sits Lock n Load bistro. From the street, this place does look small. Once you enter the front door, you can follow through to the sign as you wait to be seated. We were the first on site for Sunday brekky which resulted in us being led through to the back area. Now you are surprised to find the dim timber inside area open into a welcoming undercover outdoor setting.

Interesting ornamental features are scattered throughout the plantings framing the area. To find this niche of nature tucked away in a busy area near the city, is most certainly pleasing.

A lot of thought has been put into the overall menu, including style and names. For example an eggs benedict becomes green eggs and ham, boasting crisp pancetta with farm fresh eggs and lemon scented spinach, set on sourdough toast. A big breakfast was renamed Fully Loaded, which it was! This one even included drunken beans!

The vege loaded was my choice which had an interesting mix including crispy corn fritters. Overall very tasty, enjoyable, not too spicy, to be honest much to my taste. The last dish was spicy frittata, which was also a very large dish, although I’m told it was not all that spicy.

Deciding to try a dessert to finish breakfast was a brave move. These ricotta hotcakes were huge. Topped with berries, marscapone & pecan praline and cherry compote, this breakfast dessert was a massive undertaking, two of them being shared at the table.


Even with a struggle to the finish, this final dish was definitely worthwhile and declared very enjoyable by all.

Check the menu for this restaurant. It is worth a look. They advertise lunch, dinner and music as well. This certainly would be a picturesque place to enjoy a lazy lunch or wile away some time over dinner.

Service was good, even with the absence of the bar person for the morning, who showed up late. We were informed of this though and told by our waitperson that she would do the best she could with drinks order. To her credit, all the drinks and meals were delivered in a timely manner, perhaps the coffees could have been a bit warmer. But the offer was there to have these changed if we wanted- we didn’t. Well done though, overall we were happy with our visit and this is a place we would return to.

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