Edinburgh Military Tattoo

This is a once in a lifetime experience . That being said, it is also the reason why I am writing about something we went to about four years ago. I doubt we will be lucky enough to attend this again. However I know there are those out there who will never have the chance to witness this spectacular show for themselves. Especially also given the fact we attended the 60th anniversary Military Tattoo in Sydney, and I believe, the second time only it was performed outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I admit though, this is not a show, it is an amazing experience. Especially if you also adore witnessing bagpipes being caressed by their owners to exhale incredible sounds. This is something you either love or hate. Personally, I love bagpipes when they are played too perfection. Marching, precision, beautifully crafted backdrops, heartfelt music, the Tattoo has it all.

The Edinburgh Castle backdrop was stunning, providing the perfect backdrop for this amazing combination of marching, music, drumming displays and ultimate precision.

The persistent cold drizzling rain that night, did not in anyway dampen the spirits of those attending. Although admittedly, Sydney did try hard to drench everyone.


Comedy through to professional seriousness, the consolidation of everything rolled into this night was fascinating, breathtaking.

This particular blog may not interest you. However if you are keen to witness an incredible spectacular involving many nationalities with more precision than a Swiss watch, then this was the go to event. I believe that now the format has changed, with the main objective to be ensuring a profit rather than showing an amazing combination of skills to an appreciative audience. I do hope this isn’t the case, as this is one of our most unique experiences, ever.


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