Toscani’s – Northlakes

A later than usual Sunday wake up resulted in a visit to Toscani’s at Northlakes. This is a nice restaurant setting, stone tiled floors giving a Mediterranean feel. Menus haven’t changed in a while, to the point the presentation books for the menus are staring to look a little tired and tattered.

Usually we would choose an outside table, but the cutting wind today, drove us to seek a warmer table inside. There being plenty of choice here, with a couple of wall half booths, and plenty of freestanding table settings, it simply comes down to deciding upon your preference.


Toscani’s menu caters for most taste, gluten free bread is one of the options. Service was generally ok, with friendly staff to take orders and deliver meals to the table. Meals were all warm enough, well presented, and nicely cooked. Two were the Mediterranean meal, one with a side of salmon and hollandise sauce. The combination of the haloumi, spinach, poached egg atop a sour dough, created a tasty, filling, enjoyable meal.


Pictured above are the mushrooms with asparagus plus an extra side of bacon. The omelette meal was large, and I’m told was a tasty enjoyable meal.

We have enjoyed a few meals here, and to be honest, have found this restaurant to be a good safe restaurant all round. Perhaps a bit of a tidy up on the tired looking menus might help to give everything a lift, however, we have never had a bad meal or service here.

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