Northshore Riverside Cafe -Sunday Breakfast

Rolling fog hugging the ground on the drive to breakfast gave an eerie magical feel to the morning. No hooded horsemen loomed out of the fog, although somehow the expectation was there!

This restaurant was well worth the early morning drive, and very impressive on a number of counts. Firstly the setting, nestled next to the edge of the Brisbane river, alongside a city cat terminal, with the gateway bridges nearby. Secondly the interesting way the area has been set out. Once you take in the overall view, enjoy a short stroll, stopping to read the pavers, with many interesting little stories engraved on them.

The restaurant is spacious with room between tables and large glass panels which looked set up to slide back and take advantage of the awesome setting when the weather was warm. On the other side of the restaurant is a little nook style area, near one of the entrances.


Service was good with no problems experienced for our group, although we were the only table sitting most of the time. By the look of the reserved signs on other tables, they were expecting more customers later in the morning.

Meals were beautifully presented, fresh and cooked to perfection. Extremely impressive on all counts. For me, it was refreshing to find a smoked salmon which was real piece of juicy salmon with crispy skin as opposed to the usual rolled slices of supermarket packet salmon. We all did add a couple of extras to our meals, my choice being wilted spinach which teamed well with the salmon meal.

The pulled pork breakfast was a hit with hubby, including his extra of cheese kransky.

Another meal at our table was eggs benedict with a couple of extras too.

And finally a pan roasted mushroom breakfast with an extra side of real hollandise sauce.

If you’re near portside sometime, drive a little further down the road past Eat Street Markets, until you reach the Northshore Development. I must admit a little envy for those living in the apartments in this area, how wonderful to have all this at your doorstep.

Be sure to order a juice or milkshake, they arrive in these novel glasses!

Now we have the challenge of finding somewhere else to match this standard……

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