Muscle on The Mountain

Fundraising to raise awareness for men’s health by creating a car show event, is certainly an excellent way to reel in a good crowd.


Whether you are a car enthusiast or are simply interested in looking at some classic cars, this event is a chance to mix, mingle and chat with the vehicle owners.

A gold coin for each person was the total of the entry fee. Men's prostate cancer was the beneficiary of the proceeds for 2014.

The rumble of the big motor's, sparkling mirrored chrome everywhere you look, some amazing paintwork, car interiors which look too good to sit in and the photo opportunities with the car of your dreams. Not a bad way to fill in a Sunday, all for a good cause.



Event was well organised and all the volunteers assisting through the day did a fantastic job. Well done to everyone involved and also for not setting high entry fees. There really isn’t any doubt the small donation entry fee helped contribute to the large numbers of vehicles and spectators.


The Maleny Showgrounds are set in a basin close to the quaint township area of Maleny. Vistas during the drive out are amazing to say the least. Every now and then the Glasshouse Mountains pop into view between trees. In the distance, on the other side of the road, you can see through to the ocean. If nothing else, it’s certainly worth taking a drive out this way, you never know what you may stumble across.

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