Mele – Cascade Waterfall

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Cascading water twisting yet seamless, runs next to and below your feet whilst negotiating a path on non slippery rocks, your goal being the ultimate last big waterfall.

Breathtaking. Yes there is an uphill walk involved, however, if you have been to Efate and not visited Mele, then your travels were not complete. The water here is unbelievable as shown to us on leaf, by our guide.

However you visit this memorable part of Efate, maybe by tour or on your own, just be sure you do it. This is a truly stunning landscape.

Upon reaching the top waterfall you can indulge in a massaging free shower, wallow in the rock pools, use the rocks and water as natural slides, or simply enjoy the beauty. There is a lot of uphill in this trip, you do not have to be an athlete, just be prepared for some exercise before your evening cocktail!

I will say, this is worth every step. Surprisingly the rocks are not slippery, even with water cascading over, you can keep a good footing.


Our guide could fold a leaf, then, with a few well placed bites, produce some amazing artwork.


This is a case you may find a guide or personalised tour is worthwhile. The information on medicinal plants, history or anything else you may learn, is most definitely worth it.

The right spot on your walk will give you an uninterrupted view of Hideaway Island.


Mele is definitely worth a visit, I recommend this area.

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