Blue Lagoon, Efate

Photo really doesn’t do the gorgeous colour of the wonderfully blue water justice. A popular spot with the kids, especially with a tarzan rope to jump into the water from, making for some huge, and at times painful sounding, swinging leaps!

You may visit this on one of the island tours, it’s certainly worth having a swim, even if only to say you’ve swum there. Overall we found it to be a nice little set up with seating areas dotted around, and change huts available for use. There are a few rocks to walk on as you go into lagoon, which may be easier with reef shoes, doesn’t last long though as water does get deep very fast.

Consider an early visit if you are travelling separate to a tour, as this area can fill up pretty quickly. There were a few fish around but not enough for snorkelling. However that was probably due to the jump rope, I doubt many fish would be hanging around waiting to be a target for jumpers! Maybe early with no-one else around you would see more. There was an reasonable entry fee of around AUD 5., handed over at the rustic little entry hut.

These gorgeous local children were fascinated with seeing themselves inside the camera, As always it was heartwarming to see such a simple thing become a huge source of amusement.


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