Balihai Bar – Iririki Island


The Bali Hai bar at Iririki Island has nearly everything you could desire to relax.

Bar staff are relaxed, helpful and happy. Here you can spend time by yourself or mingle with the many different people and cultures. Frangipani spa is located right next to the bar should you feel like a relaxing massage. Or perhaps you’d like a refreshing swim? No problem, the pool with seemingly endless water through to the sea, is located directly in front of the bar.

For the sports buffs, the tv shows the major games. At the moment it is running continuously for World Cup soccer. All black and Wallaby games are popular in the union, with any game the French play also a hit.

Micheners Restaurant is also next to the bar. Here breakfast is served daily and numerous theme nights are covered for dinner. More about those in the Micheners blog to follow.

Two happy hours feature at the bar daily, 4pm to 5pm then 8pm to 9pm. This is the same across all the bars on the island.

Cocktail list is extensive, however should you desire some type of drink the staff do not know, they are more than happy to knock it up if you provide the instructions on the mix. Cheers !

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