Iririki Island

Sea gently caresses land as they merge, a couple of birds tweet their greetings, the occasional holler from one of the nearby islands is answered by other locals with hoots and hollers, and every now and then a water taxi scoots by.

Crystal clear waters provide a picture perfect view, so clear you can see the bottom of the sea from a balcony three stories high, clearly distinguishing turtles and other sea life going about their daily business.

This is heaven on earth. Our arrival on a late night flight was met with humidity and huge smiles. Staff at the island are fantastically relaxed and willing to help in any way they can. They adore interacting with everyone and the more you respond, they will do likewise.

Internet here can be a little dodgy, so I will only post short blogs for now.
Photos may not load however once we return home I will update. Enjoy your weekend šŸ™‚




An addition to this blog now we have returned home. Tank yu tumas to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable. Staff were fantastic. This is a country where people will keep to themselves however you interact with them and they will respond. The information to be gleaned from talking to these beautiful people is amazing. They are more than willing to answer your questions or furnish you with the information you ask for. I will post a second Iririki blog regarding activities etc, thank you for following!

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