Sunday Brekky-Chermside Tavern

Back to one of our favourite Brisbane Sunday Brekky venues. We have been all over south east Queensland for breakfast and hubby still swears Alana at Chermside Tavern makes the best caramel latte.

Nice to have sun filtering through as you enjoy a relaxing breakfast.

Service here is delightful. You are welcomed with a smile, yes orders are placed and paid for at the bar, however you are not required to collect your drinks and meals, as they are delivered.

A new special which hubby adored, was lambs fry and bacon. Apparently it was up there with the best. To be fair, his plate was pretty much clean when returned to the kitchen, that means he definitely enjoyed the meal!

A new addition to the menu is design your own breakfast. I gave this a try, with the ribeye $4 and all additions around $1-2 per generous serve. Very happy with the outcome :

Definitely worth a visit. After brekky the shopaholics can enjoy Chermside shopping – after all there is something in this shopping centre for everyone.

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