Taigum Gardens Chinese

Takeaway or dine in choices for this restaurant. Upon entry you are greeted with a number of curious fish, swimming lazily around the large tank. One or two like to peer back through the glass at the people watching them, so if you feel eyes are upon you- they probably are!

Restaurant itself is tidy, with staff well groomed, very well dressed, and polite. Before dark, this place does appear dull and in need of a freshen up. However, with the fish tank and large mural on the back wall lit up at night, sharing the ambience alongside the slender table candles, this restaurant transforms completely.

To be fair the food here is the most expensive Chinese food we have ever purchased, it is however of a high quality. Takeaway was honeyed king prawns, sweet n sour pork, beef & cashews, plus the fried rice. This lot was large enough for 2 nights meals for three, with leftovers.

Combination fried rice. Fresh, tasty, not at all soggy, generously scattered with prawns, bacon and vegetables. Very filling.

Takeaway did seem to be popular with a few of the local pensioners, some who were quite proud to let other customers know they have been going there for years, every couple of months, to treat themselves. Personally I think if prices were lower, more customers would be going a lot more regularly. Worth a visit though if you’re in the area.

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