Newmarket Hotel

Spacious and airy, with plenty of underground parking, it was time to try the Newmarket Hotel, not too far out from Brisbane City & Southbank.

Little tip with this one, the garlic bread slices are huge. One garlic bread comes as four slices, however each slice is an entree in itself. The garlic and cheesy garlic breads were both, light, soft inner, crunchy edges topped with plenty of garlic plus a lightly grilled cheese on the cheesy version. Very tasty.

Yes this is a pub, however the restaurant does have a bright airy feel to it with plenty of opening windows/doors to encourage the light. Staff were good at their jobs, as well as reasonably efficient, however there is no stand out service here. Drinks were delivered within a few minutes of ordering, the only one they were unable to supply was orange juice. Apparently due to $3 vodkas the night before which, according to the bar staff , had them flat out all night. Sounded like it was a good night! Not to worry, OJ was duly replaced with a pineapple juice order.

Pork belly & Pear salad. The slivers of pear and radish teamed beautifully with the crispy pork belly. Dressing was more than required, saturating the rocket to the point if making it a little limp. However, in some strange way this was still edible and matched the pork. Possibly the crunch of the radish and pork helped out here.

Chicken Parmigiana was good sized and good to eat. Another meal was the reef & beef which included bugs, calamari, nice sized steak, teamed with mash and a bit too much sauce. The meal however was very edible and enjoyed by hubby. The final lunch steak meal was accompanied by a Caesar salad, with sauce on the side, this one was very enjoyable.

Overall meals were enjoyed making for a nice relaxing Sunday lunch. Plenty of activities advertised throughout the week here, including trivia and cheap meal nights. Wonder if they’re doing the $3 vodkas again……….

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