The Hangi Pit – Springwood Qld


Raw fish above was deliciously tender with a sprinkling of parsley sprigs, shallots and capsicum. The Hangi Pit is an extremely popular place with the queue out the door for takeaway on both occasions we have visited.

A Hangi meal is definitely worth trying, especially if you have never tried a hangi. The meat falls apart easily, with delicious vegetables all light tasting, not hidden in a sea of herbs and spices.

This is not just an ordinary fish and chip shop. The menu is popular Kiwi Kai. Corn fritters, oysters, scallops mussels, paua patties, fried bread, just to name a few. Then you’re stuck with the decision to crumb or batter. Seafood portions are very generously sized, with a couple of battered oysters an entree in themselves!

Pottles of trifle and custard steam pudding, are on display in the chiller should you feel the need for a sweet dessert to finish. Drinks, sweets, packets of Kiwi chips, this is a NZ culinary experience.

The place is popular, however the constant queue doesn’t appear to bother any of the regulars, many of whom were happy to strike up conversations with their neighbours in the queue , obviously considering the wait worthwhile.

If you’re not hungry, then this isn’t the place to go. On the other hand if you’re looking for a taste of NZ in Australia, this is the place to go.

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