Outback Steakhouse – Aspley

Last weekend we enjoyed a catch up with the family over ‘lunchinner’ at the Outback Steakhouse. Service here has always been very good, with no bad experiences to date. Another small thing we have noticed here is the seating whereby families are seated in a similar area whilst adult groups are seated in a separate area. Not sure if this has been chance or by design, however it is nice if you don’t have kids in your group, to be able to sit and have a conversation without interruptions. Something I do think parents taking a break would enjoy.


If you’re not hungry then this isn’t the place to go. One of the starters, blooming onion, as pictured above is a totally different dish to what you normally see. This is fabulous, huge and worth a taste test.

Five of us enjoyed two starters before the mains. Two starters between five, is a big undertaking, they are that big. After the starters were delivered, others began to regret their choice of a main too follow – I’ve been here before and stuck to ordering a starter with a side, in lieu of a main.

The main meals are huge, this included the steak, which as well as being tender, we rate among some of the better steaks tasted. There is a fabulous beef salad on the menu which is a real salad, not just full of lettuce leaves and very little else.

Wine, beer and cocktail list is extensive. Big bloke beers are delivered in a 610ml glass for under $10. A selection of cocktails are available in jugs, handy if you have a couple of you enjoying a cocktail with a meal.

This is the first Outback Steakhouse in Brisbane and with the reasonable prices, very wide selection and good quality food partnered with friendly service, it is worth giving this a try.

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