Coffs Harbour Carobana Confectionery Factory


Glancing through a local brochure of things to do in Coffs Harbour, led us to this factory. Located not far from where we were staying at the Novotel, this place was quaint and interesting.

Entry is free and if you visit early to mid week, you will view the factory in action.

We were greeted upon entry by one if the owners, with the factory layout explained to us. An invitation was extended to partake of tea/coffee as well as confectionery tasting. Tasting is free with a simple sign accompanying the tea/coffee for a gold coin donation- hardly unreasonable.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to view the factory workings, we made our own way through the building, reading the information on the walls as we strolled through. A TV was showing the processes within the factory.

It was somewhat delightful to see older machinery being put to good use, something machinery buffs will appreciate.

There were a number of tasting jars in the shop area, with the request that only one sample of each type, per person. A very reasonable request given the number of samples available.

Carob is the main ingredient, however there are a variety of other confectionery lines available. Nothing that was tried by us, was overly sweet which was refreshing in itself.

An undercover seating area is available outside for those wishing to linger, there are also even colouring activities available for the kids.

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