Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant – Novotel Coffs Harbour



Twice we enjoyed dinner in Charlie’s Restaurant during our 2 night stay. Both evenings the meals did not disappoint, with very high quality meals produced for our consumption. A favourite we enjoyed both nights, was the pumpkin olive bread. Somewhat surprising given I’m not really a bread person and hubby consumes only white bread as his chosen variety. This bread was divine, served hot, with a lovely crusty crust and beautiful soft inner.

Staff were fantastic. Even a request through to chef to ask if he would change a pasta sauce on the seafood, to cater for hubby’s allergy, was met without any problem. Knowing that some food is designed by the chef to match certain sauces, we did make a point of saying to our waitress that if chef couldn’t do this we would order something else instead. This proved to be not necessary with such a willing chef. Thank you for this and the wine matching advice Tim!

As a side note, we enjoyed buffet breakfast here which had a great variety of good food, including a fresh pancake machine.


Try to allow some time for pre-dinner drinks at Charlie’s Bar, right next to the restaurant. Half price drinks are available during happy hour 5-6pm daily.

Staff here were fantastic too. One young staffer, Shane took great pride in his work, taking the opportunity to straighten, clean and tidy tables/chairs and other bar areas whenever he had the opportunity. We did note the work he did, without any management hovering over or directing him. Well done!

Drinks were prepared and delivered in a timely fashion. Our actions were closely observed by some of the local wildlife, including a very well fed seagull who was happy to sit and observe from the nearby rail. Water dragons provide some free entertainment as they attempt to infiltrate the seating area. Our amusement was hard to stifle when we witnessed the yelps from a table of three ladies who realised the water dragon, was close by them . Unbeknownst to them, he’d been statue like, sitting nearby their table for about 45mins.


If you are looking to spend some time relaxing with a quiet drink, there is a huge area surrounding the sunken bar to choose from. Highly recommend taking the opportunity to enjoy this lovely spot. We look forward to returning.


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