Wine Tasting – Villa d Esta, Nabiac, NSW

Whatever you do, don’t let the roadworks on the entry road put you off visiting this adorable winery.

After negotiating the roadworks you are rewarded with an amazing view at this delightful winery. Rows of Vineyard grape vines tumbling down hill, coupled with the stone block building, give this winery a Tuscan, Italian feel.

Upon entry into the tasting room, you are surrounded, by jars of homemade jams, fudge and pickles amongst other delights. Bottles of wine, port and liqueurs are close to the bar end of the room. To greet you, a sign, asking you to push the intercom button to notify the owners you are there. It only took a few short minutes before we were joined by owner Olly. (Now you’ve meet Olly, you understand the Italian feel).

Very welcoming and friendly, we were given a private wine tasting along with a run down of Olly’s wine selection which include Chardonnay, chambourcin and Cocumbark grapes. A fascinating variety of liqueurs and ports are available for tasting, and, with only a little convincing , we did partake of a few of Olly’s favourites.

Upon finishing our tasting and stocking the car with our purchases, we shook an enthusiastic Olly’s hand, thanked him and were invited to return. However upon our return we must take the time to enjoy a cheese platter whilst we savour the wine tasting… And yes we most certainly will!



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