Lunch at Portside, Hamilton, Brisbane

Awesome lunch today..fabulous service, lovely setting and the food was so fresh. To top it off the prices are very reasonable. Top dining at an affordable cost…it doesn’t get much better than this !

We were straight to mains with a large seafood chowder and a salmon & avocado salad. The seafood chowder I’m told was the best which also sported some fabulously big hunks of seafood throughout.

Salmon & avocado salad was mixed with the right balance of ingredients throughout. The salad was fresh which most certainly helped this to be such a delightfully light yet fulfilling meal. Salad partnered well with a couple of glasses of Italian Chardonnay and hubby was delighted to find his favourite beer on the menu.

With a tantalising dessert menu priced with $8 desserts who could resist finishing with a sweet. Red velvet cheesecake and raspberry and cream sponge were dutifully delivered to the table. Cheesecake was delightful and partnered well with a Mars bar chocolate shake. Not wanting too much sweet I settled for the green tea with my dessert, which although very nice was a little dry.

Table service was superb throughout, even the glasses of water were continually filled by passing staff. Well done, this a fabulous place to visit. We will return to Cruisers cafe bar & grill, superb!!

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